Friday, December 20, 2019

JSMS basketball shows strong effort against Durham

By Matt Pascarella

The Jordan-Small Middle School (JSMS) girls and boys basketball teams hit the court against Durham at Durham Community School on Monday, December 16th.

Login Desrochers
JSMS had high intensity right from the start. They got rebounds and took multiple shots on basket. JSMS blocked shots. The girls passed well and went after the ball. The game started close, but soon JSMS pulled away. It was layup after layup in the first half as JSMS had a significant lead at the buzzer.

Half: 17-8, JSMS

The girls continued their aggressiveness at the start of the second half. They maintained their lead as they took many shots on basket and continued to go hard after the ball. High scorers: Macie Ennis, #13 and Alexis Redmond, #31.

Final: 36-18

“I told them we work very hard in practice on plays and passes, and I don’t want to sell ourselves short...and if we did the stuff in practice here today, we would win this game,” stated Coach Anthony Hovey. “They were passing and the shooting was good.”

JSMS came out strong and scored almost immediately. They passed and went hard after the ball. For much of the first half, the game was very close. The boys took shots on basket and got a few turnovers. Login Desrochers, #11, sunk a sweet three pointer before the first half buzzer.

Half: 15-12, Durham

JSMS started the second half with hustle. They worked hard and came back from being down to being six points from the lead. Desrochers sunk another three pointer in the fourth quarter. With 1:16 left in the game, it was 32-25, Durham. JSMS got a couple turnovers and really worked to turn the game around, but unfortunately, Durham took this one: 32-28. High scorers: Desrochers and Noah Mains, #34.

“In practice we look great, but when we come out to games, we don’t execute the same way and in that first half it showed. The second half was much better. These boys know how to play, they are just having trouble executing,” said coach Jim Beers.

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