Friday, January 24, 2020

WMS basketball dominate against St. Brigid

Sarah John
By Matt Pascarella

The girls seventh and eighth grade basketball teams played St. Brigid School, at home, on Tuesday, January 21st. And, as the cheerleaders chanted, the Eagles ‘rocked the house’ both games.

Seventh grade
Windham had a slow start, but once they found their momentum, they could not be caught. The Lady Eagles grabbed rebounds and turnovers, with strong defense. Windham took a commanding lead as player after player added to the score. Hannah Lee, #15, and Stella Jarvais, #22, stole the ball from St. Brigid and took it all the way to the basket to score.

Half: 25-4, Windham

The Lady Eagles did not let up in the second half. Their score continued to rise as Windham snagged turnovers and took shots on basket. Their defense was stellar, keeping their opponents score low.
Top scorers: Madison Ladd, #3, Afomiya Timerga, #11, Sarah John, #21, and Jarvais,#22.

Final: 45-9, Windham

“Today we really focused on play as a whole team, get everybody to’s nice to see things coming together towards the end of the season,” observed coach Deb Lebel.

Eighth Grade
The Lady Eagles took an early 15-point lead as they got rebounds and moved the ball well. They blocked several shots. Hannah Peterson, #32 and Shawna Edwards, #30 sunk three pointers.

Half: 28-2, Windham

Windham worked well as a team as they sunk basket after basket, pulling away from St. Brigid. Alyssa Conley, #13, sunk a three pointer. Windham grabbed turnovers and kept up the strong defense.

High scorers: Mallory Muse, #14 and Edwards, #30.

Final: 41-11, Windham

“Everything we were doing on the floor was supposed to be could we play to get ready for that next team,” stated coach Lisa Anderson. “This group has just always stayed positive and they want to have a good time.”

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