Friday, February 28, 2020

Windham leaves it all on the court against GNG

Kayla Fillinger
By Matt Pascarella

The unified basketball team took on Gray New Gloucester (GNG), at home, on Tuesday, February 25th.

Windham began by getting several turnovers, stealing possession from GNG. Cameron Malone, #44, put Windham on the board after he made his first basket. Kayla Fillinger, #23, kept it going as she made the next basket. Windham took an early lead. Natalle Medina. #14, grabbed several rebounds and sunk a basket too. Brianna Webber, #5, also sunk a basket. Austin Rice, #3, had a great steal and moments later sunk a shot from very close to the three-point line. Nate Hall, #50, went in for the layup and added another two points to the scoreboard. The game was close. Dani Iaconeta, #2, made a fantastic basket, not once, but three times in the first half. Ben Silva, #34, added another two points to Windham’s score. Hall sunk a three pointer. Seven points separated the two teams. Before the end of the first half, it was slightly narrower.

Half: 29-26, Windham was nice passing by Windham at the start of the second half. Rice made a basket, after he faked a pass and fooled his opponent. GNG was not far behind. The game was then tied at 36. AJ Mains, #42, made a sweet shot. Windham had strong offense and defense. Silva had several rebounds and took possession from GNG. After a solid effort by Windham, GNG got the win, 63-44.

“Going into the game we were really pumped up, the kids have been practicing really hard on their shooting and especially their defense,” said coach Brittany Taylor. “They were positive, optimistic and by the end they did a really solid job, they were very consistent. GNG is a tough team; I feel like this was a good matchup...and [Windham’s] effort was...consistent from beginning to end."

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