Friday, June 26, 2020

Windham softball squads face off in preparation for season

Hannah Lee of Bill Diamond slides into home plate during a
girls' softball game against Edge Academy.
By Matt Pascarella

Windham teams Bill Diamond and Edge Academy faced off at Arlington Field on Monday, June 22.

In the bottom of the first, the Edge Academy’s Belle Pinto #8 walked, Addison Caiazzo #15 got a base hit and then stole her way to third and Bri Duarte #7 crushed the ball and got a triple. After one inning Edge Academy led 1-0.

The top of the second inning brought Edge Academy with a walk and then Kaylee Napolitano #2 smashed a triple and scored; 3-0 Edge Academy headed into the third inning.

In the top of the third, Bill Diamond’s Nola Bryant #12 walked and scored on a passed ball. Fiona MacArthur #6 and Oakley McLeod #2 also scored on passed balls.  Hannah Lee #10 creamed the ball for a double and later made it home. Kennedy Kimball #34 walked and scored. Now it’s 5-3, Bill Diamond.
In the bottom of the third, Pinto got a base hit and stole her way home. Duarte walked and scored.

Now, we’re tied at 5-5.

The fourth and final inning had bats swinging and runners on base for both teams. In the top of the fourth, The Edge Academy’s Evelyn Anderson #3 doubled and stole her way to home. Yani Kostopoulos #5 got a base hit and stole home shortly after. Now Edge Academy leads 7-5.

Bottom of the fourth inning and Bill Diamond is up.  Evelyn Robinson #4 is hit by a pitch and steals second, then third. MacArthur got a base hit and made it home. Bryant also scored. McLeod walked, stole a few bases and scored. Lee walked and scored.

Bill Diamond took this game, 10-7.

“For being the only town in southern Maine playing Little League, and accounting for the late start to our season, all of the girls are doing fantastic,” commented Bill Diamond coach Jason McLeod. “The parents have been great as we work out some of the kinks but being able to be out on the playing field has proved already to be a fun experience. You see a lot of smiles from the players as well as seeing many doing things they aren’t accustomed to. Just witnessing the continued development, while having fun, is gratifying in itself.” <

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