Friday, July 17, 2020

Fourth-Inning turnaround hands Ice Cream Dugout a 7-1 win

By Matt Pascarella

The smell of hamburgers and hot dogs filled the air at Ciccarone Field on Monday, July 13 as Ice Cream Dugout and MPM Sealcoating went head-to-head. It is baseball season for sure.

The game was a scoreless back and forth until the fourth inning when both teams put runs on the board. MPM’s Ellias Jauregui, Alex Pastore and Brayden Dunn each got hits and loaded up the bases. A short time later Jauregui stole home and MPM took a 1-0 lead.

Ryan Manning of Ice Cream Dugout bats during a Windham
Little League game on Monday, July 13 at Ciccarone Field.
Ice Cream Dugout answered when Bradyn Woodward singled. Levi Hayman got to first on a dropped third strike. Woodward scored. And the hits kept coming. Caleb Hayman bunted and Carson Brown singled; bases loaded. Preston Brown doubled. Two runs come in and before the inning wrapped up two more scored; 5-1.

Colin Janvrin and Kellen Gardiner of Ice Cream Dugout scored two more runs in the bottom of the fifth after Ryan Manning doubled to put their final number of runs at seven.

MPM gave a strong effort in the top of the sixth, but they weren’t able to tie or pull ahead and Ice Cream Dugout got the 7-1 win.

“The boys faced some adversity tonight and realized you need to come out swinging from the first pitch, said coach Ryan Brown. Ethan Clapp and Alex Pastore (of MPM Sealcoating) did a great job (pitching). The boys dug deep and the bats produced.”

MPM started out strong as they loaded up the bases with Brayden Dunn, Liam Kalakowsky and Ethan Clapp. MPM was close but did not score in the top of the first.

Pitcher Wyatt Washburn helped Ice Cream Dugout have several three-batters-up-three-batters-down innings and said the team did well pitching and hitting and thought the fourth inning was when they really started to work and play as a team.

One MPM defensive play that stood out was in the bottom of the third. Clapp made a catch and quickly threw to the first basemen after Ice cream Dugout’s runner left too soon, MPM was able to make the double play and also threw a runner out at home. <

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