Friday, August 27, 2021

Windham varsity field hockey shows strength and unity during Play Day

By Matt Pascarella

Windham’s varsity field hockey team hit the field against Cheverus and Scarborough during Play Day, held at Cape Elizabeth High School on Monday Aug. 23 and it was an opportunity for teams to practice skills and come together before the start of the regular season next week.

Windham junior Hannah Heanssler runs with the
ball to the Cheverus goal during a varsity field
hockey game on Monday, Aug. 23 at Cape Elizabeth
High School. The game was one of many during
Play Day, where teams worked on their skills 
before the regular season opens.
Windham had already beaten Greely 2-0, Fryeburg 4-0 and South Portland 2-0 earlier in the day and the Lady Eagles continued to show their strength when they beat Cheverus 6-1 before falling to Scarborough 3-1.


Windham was aggressive right out of the gate. They moved the ball well and did a nice job of staying with the ball. Windham’s defense was strong as they only let Cheverus put one in the net the entire game.

Windham pressured. Moments later Windham put the ball in the net. Windham gave the Cheverus’ goalie a workout. From that point on, the Lady Eagles could not be stopped, as they scored goal after goal.

Windham junior Hannah Heanssler put two in the net; so, did Windham senior Ellie Miller. Windham senior Ellie Wilson also scored.

“Today gave [the team] a chance to practice trusting each other,” said Windham varsity coach Cory DiDonato. “We lost quite a few seniors last year, so there’s a lot of new kids in new positions.”

One of the things DiDonato was trying to figure out was who’s going to play where and fit best.

“I think there’s like a pocket of kids that have been used to working together for so long, that they’re learning to trust other kids in those spots,” she said.

DiDonato added it was really good for Windham to know they can come back as a team after Cheverus was first to score.


Scarborough scored early, but that did not deter Windham. They fought hard with a lot of hustle. Windham took several shots on goal as the game progressed. Windham stayed with Scarborough and prevented them from getting too many in the net.

Windham pushed through any tiredness they may have felt. Windham junior Emma Morrison scored halfway into the game.

“I think we’re really learning how to mesh well with each other ... communicate and know where we need each other on the field,” said Miller.

Miller said they are passing well and moving the ball nicely down the field between teammates.

She said she is very excited for the upcoming season. <

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