Friday, August 16, 2013

Exercise of the week from PNF - Plank Row

How to: To perform the plank row exercise you will need to start on the floor with your hands and feet shoulder width. With straight arms and holding onto a dumbbell with one in each hand your shoulders will be directly over the dumbbells. You will then pull one dumbbell directly off the floor and straight up to the outside of the chest. This is done by bringing the elbow straight back and your arm moving alongside the rib cage. Repeat this movement on the opposite arm to alternate from left to right armed rows to maximize this exercise.

What it strengthens: The plank row is a full body exercise, but concentrates on increasing strength and stability in the upper back (traps, lats and rear deltoids) as well as core. This exercise will also increase shoulder and hip stability for improved posture.

Equipment needed: A set of dumbbells at a desired weight.

Modifications: It is important to perform this exercise with a neutral and stable spine. For an easier modification, you can decrease the size of each dumbbell or have your feet further apart to provide a more stable base. A harder modification for this exercise is to increase the size of each dumbbell, have your feet closer together or place your feet on an unstable surface such as a bosu ball.

Applications: This excise will increase upper body and core strength to improve daily functions such as pulling, lifting and moving household objects. This is a great exercise for individuals looking to improve their posture.

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