Saturday, November 2, 2013

Windham varsity girls' soccer quarterfinals against Gorham - By Stephanie Coffin

The Lady Eagles hosted the Gorham Rams in Tuesday night’s varsity girls soccer quarterfinals. The Eagle fans, kids and adults, came out to support the girls even though it was so cold the frost was forming on anything that was standing still.

It was clear that when both teams stepped onto the field they were ready to play and give it their all. The whole first period was a fast paced and aggressive game that pushed spectator’s abilities to keep up with the ball on the field and keep planted on the bleachers when excitement threatened to bubble over. 

Five and half minutes into the game, Windham’s Jenna Soucy scored the first goal of the game unassisted to set the tone of how this night was going to be played out. The Eagles offense kept the soccer ball at the Gorham end of the field the majority of the game and when by chance the ball made its way down field the Eagles defense and goalkeeper Kate Kneeland took care of business and sent the ball back into the Rams’ territory. 

With 15 minutes left in the first period, Jenna Soucy snuck into the Rams penalty box and accepted a pass from Ciera Berthiaume to score another goal for the Eagles making the score Windham 2 – Gorham 0. 

Going into the second period, the Eagles weren’t as aggressive in maintaining the ball and defensive had to step it up. The Rams ended up scoring with 16 minutes left to play in the second half. Kneeland fended off and saved several attempts made by the Rams to get another goal. The Eagles defensive line knew they weren’t going to give the Rams a chance to tie the game, let alone have any chance to walk away with a possible win. 

The Lady Eagles worked as a team and put their foot skills to work and stayed strong to take the win 2-0. The Eagles will host Scarborough this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. 

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