Saturday, December 21, 2013

Athlete of the Week - Sadie Nelson

Fifteen-year-old sophomore Sadie Nelson is The Windham Eagle athlete of the week. Nelson attends Windham High School where she plays soccer, basketball and softball. 

“In the last two games she has scored 26 and 20 points which helped to lead the Eagles offensively.  She is very coachable and as a sophomore will be asked to do many tasks to help the young Eagles compete this winter,” said coach Brody Artes.     

When she is on the court the most important thing to her is, “I always try to make sure I play 110 percent and do everything I can to help my team succeed,” she said.            

Her parents are Wayne and Kim and Nelson hopes to play basketball at the collegiate level if all of her hard work pays off, she said.                                                                  
Best way to unwind after competition: I usually go home and listen to music and think about how we all did as a team.  I also analyze what we need to improve on before our next competition.

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