Saturday, December 21, 2013

Eighth grade boys' basketball playing strong - By Stephanie Coffin

Under the guidance of coach Cekutis, the boys’ eighth grade team consists of: Nathan Watson, Hunter Coffin, Nick Curtis, Mike Gilman, Josh LaCombe, Cory Hutchinson, Nazari Henderson, Logan Emerson, Sam Mazziotti, Mitchell Budroe, Ryan Logue, Kiante Smith and Kyle Herzig.
The Windham Eagles boys’ eighth grade team has won five out of the six games they played this season so far. The one loss against Bonny Eagle was the first game of the season and an eye opener to the boys that they needed to come together as a team and work with each individual’s strengths and play off of them. They have since been un-stoppable with the last game coming down to the buzzer for the win.

Monday's game against King Middle School was a nail biter to the end. King started the first period strong. However, the Eagles came back in the second period and showed the King team they were on the Eagles’ court. With the boy’s classmates in the stands supporting their friends, Windham closed the first half of the game strong.

The second half of the game volleyed back and forth on the scoreboard with several Windham players stepping up to the foul line to close any gaps that occurred. Nate Watson took an outstanding charge from a King player, which caused a significant change in the King’s team morale. The King’s coach was given a technical foul for arguing a call with the referee, thus enabling Nick Curtis the opportunity to step up to the foul line and sink both baskets.

With less than a minute to play in the game and the score tied, the King team score while they had possession of the ball allowing Windham to run the clock down to the last few seconds. Nick Curtis took the shot and was quickly enveloped by his teammates when the ball glided through the net to win the game.

The next home game is Monday, January 6 against Lincoln Middle School.

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