Saturday, December 21, 2013

Girls Basketball returns last year's starters - By Stephanie Coffin

Under the watchful eye of second year head coach Brody Artes, the Lady Eagles enter the 2013-2014 basketball season with all five starters returning. This year’s team consists of seniors Lonnie Staten, Marissa Ulmer, Sam Frost, and Haley Bachelder along with junior players Luisa Sbardella, Macy Mannette and Erin Malloy rounding out the experience on the varsity squad. Sophomore starters Katie Herzig and Sadie Nelson add additional depth to an already talented team. 
With the additions of sophomore Erin Merchant and freshmen Mya Mannette and Lyndsay Arsenault the team is prepared to battle the Class A division with tenacity and hard work. Coach Artes and assistant coach Nick Dubay are relying on the team to work together to better themselves in order to achieve great things within the division. 

Watching this team play together and converse with one another, one is witness to a group of girls who truly enjoy each other’s company and acknowledge their individual skills and talents.

Currently the Lady Eagles are 2-1 and are looking ahead to when they face Sanford, Gorham and Biddeford in their next three games.  Join them at home on January 3 and watch them play against Westbrook.

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