Monday, December 9, 2013

Makeover magic with Amy Jorgensen - By Michelle Libby

Mother of four Amy Jorgensen felt it was time to stop being the ordinary mother of four children ranging in age from six months to almost 14 years old. As an education technician at Windham Primary School and a busy mom, she didn’t take time out for herself. Before the makeover she said, “I'm so excited, so sick of feeling frumpy!” she said. “I’m willing to try anything.” 
After the best part she said was “being able to get out and do something for myself.” 

Sometimes confusing Mrs. Jorgensen for Mom, she enjoyed the time to be Amy. 

“I feel spruced up and confident about myself, which is good after having a baby six months ago. I loved it. They all did a great job,” Jorgensen said. 

Her first stop on the makeover was at Dr. Leslie A. Elston’s for a Sinsational Smiles teeth whitening treatment. “The assistant was amazingly very gentle. It took 20 minutes and they feel really good,” she said. “They’re at least two shades whiter.” 

After that she went to Chic Boutique in Windham to see stylist Shari Fowler. “She’s amazing. I’d go back to her again. She took a long time. It was nice. They were friendly and fun and we were laughing the whole time,” Jorgensen said. 

“She's such a sweetie!” said owner of Chic Boutique Barbie Smart-Damen of Jorgensen. “Stylist Shari Fowler did a conditioning color glaze to deepen and add warmth to her natural color then went in and did some warm face framing hi-lights to add brightness around her face. She then gave her a texturized, layered angled cut to give her a modern look,” Smart-Damen said. 

Jorgensen said she’d never had her hair dyed or glazed. Her family, husband Bill, children Maya, Sarah, Maggie and Brad all loved it, Jorgensen said. “The girls said my hair looked like chocolate with caramel in it,” she added. 

Everyone at worked loved it, even the children commented on it. “I usually wear a tight ponytail to the head,” she said. 

“One co-worker said ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but you look really good today’,” Jorgensen said.  

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