Friday, November 4, 2016

Athlete of the week - Jeremy Bennett

The Aroma Joe’s athlete of the week is senior Jeremy Bennett. Jeremy is 17 years old and will graduate this year from Windham High School. He is on the cross country team, as well as the indoor and outdoor track teams, under the direction of Jiff Riddle and Paula Pock. 

Jeremy enjoys hiking and hanging out with his friends. 

"Jeremy is a highly successful cross country team member, good student, dedicated family member and one is well respected throughout WHS.  He has helped the boys cross country teams remain competitive and consistent through his hard work and dedication," said coach Riddle. 

Jeremy believes that kids should do sports “to make friends and improve social skills as well as staying healthy.” He has learned that, “hard work always pays off. This can be related to school as well.”

“My sister Eliza has always supported and encouraged me in my running career,” Jeremy said.
When he goes to college, he would like to study pre-medicine and one day become a physician. He would also like to continue running in college. 

Jeremy is the son of Nini and Nate Bennett and he has two sisters Eliza and Emma.

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