Friday, October 13, 2017

The JV and Varsity Boys’ Soccer Teams battled it out against Biddeford at Windham by Matt Pascarella

On Tuesday, October 10 the JV boys took to the field with aggression, going strong right from the start. Though the Eagles had great defense, Biddeford did get one by in the first half.

Braeden McCrillis, #19, scored for Windham in the first half. Trenton Atherton, #27, then scored with an assist from Braeden McCrillis.
#6 Michah Andujar   #31 Ryan Abbotoni

Windham played tough defense and offense showing they had come to win. The pressure was mounting towards Biddeford as Windham was giving 110 percent.

Windham did an excellent job at keeping the ball away from their goal and more towards Biddeford’s. Windham continued their intensity taking several shots on the Biddeford goal.
At the half, the score was Windham 2, Biddeford 1.

The Eagles came out even stronger in the second half, determined to not let their lead slip - and they
#11 Anthony Sawyer
didn’t. They played excellent defense and offense not letting their aggression die down as they blocked several scoring opportunities for Biddeford and kept the ball away from the Windham goal.
Jaime Luoko scored goal #3.

Strong communication helped Windham edge out a lead in the second half. Connor Cummings, #23, scored for The Eagles making it 4-1, Windham.

In the final minute of play, #32 Aiden Day scores with an assist from Connor Cummings.
The final score: Windham 5, Biddeford, 1.

The varsity boys took to the field with agility, not letting an early Biddeford scoring opportunity prevent them from making a comeback.

#12 Evan Gilcos
Biddeford quickly put pressure on Windham scoring another goal, but Biddeford’s second goal didn’t diminish Windham’s energy. As the half continued, the Eagles turned up the intensity. Their teamwork and communication kept Biddeford at bay. Windham wasn’t going down without a fight.

Michah Andujar, #6, scored Windham’s only goal in the first half. However, they were just getting started. At the end of the first half, the score was Biddeford 2, Windham 1.

#33 Ethan Wert
Windham takes the field in the second half ready to get that ‘W’, with Andrew Sawyer, #4, scoring immediately with an assist from Nick Rose, #15. Another Windham goal scored less than a minute later by Evan Glicos, #12, with an assist from Nick Rose. 

Windham was showing Biddeford this was far from over. The Eagles pressured Biddeford throughout the second half. Windham played strong defense keeping the ball towards the Biddeford goal, resulting in several shots on Biddeford’s goal for a lot of the half.

Nick Rose scored Windham’s fourth goal.

#35 Jamie Luoko
After an exciting game, the final score was Windham 4, Biddeford 2.

“The boys played with heart. We spotted Biddeford a 2-goal lead; those are earned goals by Biddeford,” observed Coach Wally LeBlanc. “Then we needed our players to dig in and come back and prove they could play smart soccer. I feel like when we possess the ball and switch the field that’s what allowed us to have those counterattacks. That’s what made the difference in the second half.”

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