Friday, May 25, 2018

Girls’ varsity lacrosse team took on Messalonskee by Matt Pascarella

Alanna Joyce moves the ball down the field
The girls were aggressive right out of the gate and had great communication as they played against Messalonskee on Saturday, May 19. In fact, within the first four minutes, Bell Skvorak, #10 scored.
Messalonskee jumped to a 3-1 lead early on however, but Windham did not get discouraged and they continued to give it their all, working to turn the score around.

Windham was really putting the pressure on their opponent. Skvorak scored again followed by a score from Alanna Joyce, #4. When Skvorak scored for the third time, the game then tied at 5-5. Windham was going strong, working together to get the win.

The Eagles stepped up their offense and defense throughout the game and the two teams were evenly matched when the score tied again at 6-6, with less than five minutes left in the first half.
Windham’s communication was a big reason they were slowly gaining (and then passing) Messalonskee on the scoreboard.

Halftime score: 7-6 Windham.

Belle Skvorak looks to get the ball in the net
Windham took the field in the second half ready to dominate the game. Skvorak scored twice in the first two minutes of play and although Windham had pulled ahead, this game was far from over. Messalonskee was putting a fair amount of pressure on the Eagles now, but the girls weren’t going to let this game get away.

Windham was on fire. Riley Beem, #1 and Emma Yale, #24 both scored and the Eagles defense was keeping Messalonskee at bay. The Eagles’ hard work was about to pay off.

At the sound of the final buzzer, the Windham Eagles took this one with the ending score of 12-8.
“You could see at the end of the first half where we were beating them down the field and [Messalonskee] was getting tired. And in the second half it continued; we were really pushing the ball, or transition was better, we’re connecting on passes, it was really one of the best team wins we’ve had,” commented Coach Matt Perkins.

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