Friday, September 24, 2021

Jordan-Small Middle School soccer getting stronger every game

Jordan-Small Middle School sixth grader Brooklyn Roy, left,
aggressively goes after the ball during a soccer game against
Waynflete in Raymond on Monday, Sept. 20.
By Matt Pascarella

Early in the season, Raymond’s Jordan-Small Middle School boys’ and girls’ soccer teams have shown they are improving in every game.

During the Raymond boys’ game against Waynflete, seventh grader Logan Timmons scored in the second half when he kicked the ball and as the goalie went to block it, the ball fell back into the goal.

Raymond seventh grader Isabella Vassoler took a shot right at goal in the second half of the girls’ game. It easily found the back of the net.

Jordan-Small’s soccer teams played Waynflete on Monday, Sept. 20 at home in Raymond and although both teams fell by scores of 3-1, there is plenty of room for progress as the season continues.


Raymond goalie and seventh grader Ben Bancroft had a nice block early on. His quick hands and Raymond’s defense kept Waynflete’s goals to a low number.

Raymond moved the ball well. The team worked to score and took multiple shots on goal.

The game was scoreless at the half.

Raymond was more aggressive in the second half, going harder after the ball. Waynflete scored twice during the second half.

Timmons said he thinks the defense needs to be a bit more organized. He was happy he scored his goal.

“The boys’ team as a whole is starting to gel,” said Raymond boys’ soccer coach Jim Beers. “They played great today against Waynflete; they didn't back down, which was nice to see against the bigger kids. They are getting stronger each time. I'm proud of the effort they gave today, in a loss.”


Even though Waynflete scored early in the game, Raymond did not let this get them down. They fought hard for two halves and worked to turn the score around.

Raymond goalie and eighth grader Evie Behnke made several great saves throughout the game.

At the half, Waynflete led 2-0.

In the second half, Raymond had more hustle, pressured, stayed with the ball and had strong passes.

Vassoler said she thought they did much better than last week, where Raymond lost by more goals. She added she saw improvements like harder kicking and kicking the ball up the field more. As well as improved defense.

Raymond girls’ soccer coach Jim Beers said the girls’ team is learning very quickly. Some are new to the game or have not played in a while but are making progress each game. The girls proved they have fight and want to win. Beers is proud of their effort. <

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