Friday, October 29, 2021

Improvement all around shown by Jordan-Small Middle School soccer

Raymond eighth grader Eli Powers prepares to take a shot at
Fryeburg's goal at Molly Ockett Middle School in Fryeburg
on Thursday, Oct. 21. PHOTO BY MATT PASCARELLA
By Matt Pascarella

Coming off strong games against Waynflete where Raymond’s Jordan-Small Middle School girls’ and boys’ soccer teams both showed they had grown and were stronger teams, Raymond traveled to Molly Ockett Middle School in Fryeburg for the final games of the season.

The Raymond girls did not let a couple early goals by Fryeburg dampen their spirits on Thursday, Oct. 21 though a lot was damp as a steady rain early in the game soaked everything.

The girls fought hard the entire game and exhibited great determination, but lost 9-0.

The boys took a lead in the second half, but Fryeburg tied the game at one. The score stayed tied until the final buzzer.


As the rain continued to beat down on the field and the players, Raymond got to work with strong passing, as they moved the ball nicely around the field. Fryeburg scored a few goals early in the game, but Raymond kept their heads up. Raymond was aggressive, as they worked to move the ball and put themselves on the scoreboard. At the half it was 3-0, Fryeburg.

“The girls showed a resiliency which I think is a gift,” said Raymond girls’ soccer Coach Adina Baseler. “I think they felt [run down]. They kept coming back and they kept digging in; emotions were running high, but they didn’t let that stop them from continuing to dig in.”

In the second half, Raymond had stronger defense. They stopped two of Fryeburg’s scoring opportunities. Sixth-grader Brooke Tuttle blocked a Fryeburg goal kick and then Tuttle took a shot at goal.

Raymond took multiple shots on goal in the half. They also had several blocks that denied Fryeburg more goals.

Tuttle said she’s seen an improvement over the season in  Raymond’s passing and team bonding.

“I think when we got the ball up we knew what to do with it, more so than in the [start of the season],” said seventh-grader Ela Mae Allen.

Coach Baseler said they’ve really come together as a team multiple times during the season. They’re a great group of kids.


Raymond took the field aggressive and ready to end this season on a high note. They took multiple shots on goal. They pressured and worked to be first to the ball. Their defense was solid as they blocked a few Fryeburg attempts to score. The game was scoreless at the half.

Minutes into the second half, Raymond eighth-grader Eli Powers scored. Raymond continued as they took multiple shots on goal. They were first to the ball and although Fryeburg did find the back of the net, Raymond’s defense held them to just that goal.

“I thought we did a good job of keeping the ball away from [Fryeburg] and defense in general,” said Powers. “Overall I think the game went pretty well.”

Raymond Coach Scott Allen said they hustled during this game. He’s seen improved passing, both during the game and over the season. Allen added communication has also improved over the season. <

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