Friday, August 25, 2023

Windham varsity girls’ soccer progresses as a team during preseason scrimmage

By Matt Pascarella

With the start of the regular fall season beginning next week for some of the fall sports, Windham’s varsity girls’ soccer team took on York on the road during a scrimmage on Saturday, Aug. 19. Windham’s defense allowed no goals in two halves and Windham offense found the back of the net multiple times to walk off the field with a 3-0 win.

Windham varsity junior Stella Jarvais heads toward the goal
during a preseason varsity girls' soccer game on Saturday,
“Since we’re such a young team we’re getting used to all ... playing together,” said Windham junior Stella Jarvais who scored during the game. “Everything is just going upward ... we passed very well. [Windham] is a team that works really hard, and we will always put the team first.”

Windham junior Kyla Harvie scored early in the game. Windham got out in front of the ball and worked hard to stay with it.

Harvie said the team has gotten closer throughout the preseason and they’ve bonded as a team to get to where they are. They started strong and Harvie feels like it’s going to be a good season.

Windham had multiple shots on York’s goal during the preseason scrimmage. Partway through the first half, Windham sophomore Marley Jarvais scored from a kick from junior Hannah Lee.

Windham’s defense limited scoring opportunities for York and kept the ball away from Windham’s goal for most of the game. At the half, Windham led 2-0.

Intensity remained strong as Windham began the second half. They had several shots on goal and Stella Jarvais scored when she knocked the ball in the net off a corner kick. Windham remained in control of the pitch and their defense stayed tough.

“It’s so early,” said Windham varsity girls’ soccer assistant coach Jim Stewart. “To expect to be at a level where we want to be this early is tough ... today was the beginning of smooth; it wasn’t even, it wasn’t soft, but it was smooth. I think it’s really encouraging of the things we’re able to do with a pretty young team.”

Stewart said that the preseason win was nice to have, but for him it’s more about what they are doing together as a team and what kind of game they’re playing.

Two minutes remained in the game when Windham freshman Isabella Vassoler had a close shot at goal that just barely missed going in.

Vassoler said this was her first girls’ varsity soccer game and she said the team’s passing improved as game went on, and that the squad’s hustle had also improved.

"We’re starting to come together,” said Windham girls’ varsity head coach Deb Lebel. “We knew that we had some holes to fill, but this ... felt like a good steppingstone for what’s next.”<

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