Friday, November 3, 2023

Windham football falls in regular-season finale to Bonny Eagle

By Matt Pascarella

In the final game of the regular varsity football season, Windham varsity football put forth a strong effort for four quarters, but fell to Bonny Eagle, 35-21 in Standish on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

Windham senior Marcus Tillery heads in the end zone at 
Bonny Eagle High School in Standish during the final 
regular season varsity football game against the Scots on
“I feel like we definitely took some steps improving from last week,” said Windham senior Marcus Tillery, who scored two touchdowns and had 223 rushing yards in the game. “Definitely played a great team with a great running game, it was a challenge for us to get used to that. We definitely ran the ball well, O-line was very physical, came off the ball on both sides, pass game was there and I ... just love the energy tonight; these guys are like freight trains – they don’t stop, if you get in their way, they’ll move you. We need to get a good game plan for Oxford Hills [in the playoffs]. We need to be able to execute better on offense and execute better on defense.”

Bonny Eagle won the coin toss but deferred and kicked off. It was first and 10 Windham from their 31-yard line. Tillery got the ball to the Scots’ 19-yard line. A pass thrown to Windham senior Tobias Perkins was complete and it was third down and three. After a false start, senior Briggs Valliere caught a touchdown pass. The extra point was good, and Windham led, 7-0, in the first quarter.

Bonny Eagle quickly answered, but their attempt at a two-point conversion is blocked and they trailed by a point, 7-6.

Late in the first quarter, Tillery ran the ball in for a touchdown, and the Eagles led, 14-6, after one quarter.

In the second quarter, Bonny Eagle, scored and their two-point conversion was good, resulting in a 14-14 tie.

Windham was unable to score in the second quarter and the half ended with Bonny Eagle scoring two more times to go ahead, 28-14.

“I thought we really executed well offensively,” said Windham varsity football coach Matt Perkins. “We had some really big runs, and everyone on offense took a major step forward. Marcus had a great night, but there were some great blocks. We went nose-to-nose with a team that had a chance to beat Oxford Hills in the last minutes, had a chance to beat Thornton Academy – and we’re obviously taking major strides. We hurt ourselves, special teams tonight, we had three major mistakes, and you just can’t do those things against good teams. Defensively, we’ve got to keep continuing to get better at stopping the inside run. It’s been a chink in our armor all year. We’ve done numerous things to fix it and we’ve just got to continue to battle at that.”

In the second half, it was first and 10 Windham from their 34-yard line, then it was second and six. Tillery got the wheels going and scored another touchdown. The extra point was good, cutting Bonny Eagle’s advantage to 28-21, after three quarters.

Bonny Eagle scored one more time before the clock ran out to secure the win.

“Our offense [went well tonight], our blocking was a lot better than it’s been; we definitely stepped up,” said Valliere, who had 17 receiving yards. “Getting those big stops on defense definitely contributed to our line getting better, just making plays. We definitely need to work on defense, making tackles, and on offense we just got to make big plays. We’re going to playoffs 0-0, whole new season.”

Windham will travel to Oxford Hills for the Class A Northern Division playoff on Monday, Nov. 6; kickoff is scheduled for 6 p.m. <

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