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Windham High's McPherson to play college lacrosse for Plymouth State

By Matt Pascarella

Windham senior Blake McPherson has just come off an amazing basketball season and although it made him slightly reconsider what sport he might play in college, lacrosse has always been his favorite. Before family, friends, teachers, and supporters at Windham High School on Thursday, March 14, McPherson signed a letter of intent to attend Plymouth State University in New Hampshire this fall and major in business while playing lacrosse.

From left, Shawn McPherson, Windham High senior
Blake McPherson and Amanda McPherson gather at
Windham High School on March 14 as Blake signed a 
letter on intent to attend Plymouth State University in
New Hampshire where he will major in business and
play college lacrosse on scholarship.
“He’s a great leader; he’ll stand out from the rest,” said Windham senior and teammate Graden Joly. “He’ll bring the energy to Plymouth State University; he’s really good at working with teammates, multiple times he’s brought the whole team up. If you’re doing something wrong, he’ll tell you and help you and show you how to become better. McPherson will put in countless hours of work and dedication – he wants to do good.”

McPherson started playing lacrosse in elementary school, but really started getting into it his freshman year because he saw his coach’s confidence in him. This was evident when as a freshman, the coach put him into a semifinal game against Falmouth. That moment was a big confidence booster for McPherson and ever since, he has worked harder at the game.

“For all my friends and family to come out just to see me continue my dreams it means a lot to me,” said McPherson. “I couldn’t have asked for a better signing.”

He chose Plymouth State University because, according to McPherson, he’s not really a big city guy. The campus is beautiful and has a very outdoorsy feel to it and has mountains to ski on.

As a business major, he’s not 100 percent sure of what he’d like to do with that yet but does have an interest in sales and would maybe like to be a salesman.

Throughout his years of playing Windham sports, McPherson said that he’s learned the importance of being a team player and that you cannot win a game on your own, you need to depend on and trust your teammates.

“I first got to know Blake a little in middle school,” said Peter Small, who is Windham’s varsity lacrosse coach. “Certainly, as a freshman coming into the program ... and watching him battle every day on the lacrosse field. For me the word that comes to mind is his intensity and he is as intense as it gets; he holds himself and his teammates accountable and I’ve seen him do it in the classroom; he holds accountability when he makes a mistake. To watch him grow and mature over time and channel that intensity. What you’ve done here in this school, the way you’ve elevated the people around you and held yourself accountable. Thank you for bringing everyone around you up, thank you for what you’re doing. Heck of a student in the classroom, heck of an athlete and just a good citizen all around.”

If there are student-athletes out there who are looking to compete collegiately, McPherson’s advice is to be confident, take your time and don’t rush yourself. Good things will happen if you put the work in.

He said he would like to thank his basketball coaches, his lacrosse coaches, especially Coach Small for believing in him. McPherson would also like to thank his teammates for pushing him every day in practice to be a better player, his teachers for teaching him and making him a better, more responsible and respectful person, and his parents for all they’ve sacrificed for him. <

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