Friday, July 5, 2024

WLL’s 9/10 All-Star softball drops hard-fought game to Gorham

By Matt Pascarella

A total of 12 teams entered the annual District 6 softball tournament for 9/10-year-olds and Windham’s All-Stars made it all the way to the district’s final four before their season ended on Monday, July 1 in Gorham. Looking to advance further in the tournament, Windham worked hard at it, but Gorham prevailed, 12-2.

Windham fifth grader Avary Caiazzo bats during a Little
League District 6 All-Star softball tournament game
against Gorham on Monday, July 1.
Windham’s successful season included an 8-6 win over Cumberland North Yarmouth, a close 4-3 loss to Falmouth, and a big 12-2 win over Scarborough.

“I try to get them to think about little battles within the big game. It was a good ... crowd,” said Windham 9/10 All-Star coach Nick Caiazzo. “You embrace the big crowd and let them know a lot of those people are here to watch you guys play. Now you’re down to the final four – they’re all here to watch us and we’re good softball players. Improvement, in just the concept of the game of softball in all of them coming from Minors player-pitch to what we call ‘real softball’, all of them got exposed to so much.”

In the third inning, after a couple walks, a groundout brought Windham fifth grader Quinn Couture home with her team’s first run of the game.

In the fourth inning, Windham fifth grader Brooke Legere stole home after fifth grader Avary Caiazzo walked.

Legere also pitched for Windham and had eight strikeouts.

“I’m proud of every girl and I cherish and will remember every moment I had with them,” said Avary Caiazzo. “I loved that we stayed at it and never gave up; I think we could have had a better ... attitude, but overall, we did amazing and grateful for the times we got to play. Basically, everyone did great in their spots.”

According to Windham fifth grader Lily Nickel, she thought they did great as a team, and they worked hard to get to this point. She said she’s really proud of her team and they had great practices and had fun while they did it. <

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