Sunday, March 9, 2014

Athlete of the Week - Erin Doughty

Senior at Windham Christian Academy Erin Doughty is The Windham Eagle athlete of the week. Doughty is a basketball player who plays the post position. She also likes hiking, running and spending time with her family, friends and the family dog. 

On the court she believes that the most important thing is communication with her teammates. 

“Erin Doughty is every coach's dream. First to practice, last to leave and leads by example with an unwavering, positive attitude. Able to take instruction and apply it with ease, she is the most teachable player I have ever coached. It is for these reasons that she has been the captain and co-captain of her junior and senior years respectively. I have no doubt that she will approach her secondary education and career with the same work ethic that she has approached her high school education and athletic career,” said Doughty’s coach Jaci Taylor.  

When she graduates, Doughty would like to attend college to become a nurse. 

Best way to unwind after competition: Drinking lots of water, stretching and talking with her team

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