Monday, March 3, 2014

PNF Transformation - Heather Brackett

My name is Heather Logue Brackett and I’m 57 years old. About four years ago I had a stroke. After 18 years at MMC, I had awakened in a rehab unit. I knew this was bad.
I’m a very energetic person. I love doing outdoor activities, especially with my husband and two children. Now I had a left side weakness, drop syndrome and over time I had atrophied on that side of my body. I was physically and mentally defeated. The stroke took hold of my health. I was petrified and didn’t know how to get better. 

One day I ran into Whitney and told her my story on the spot. Two days later I was working out with her. I had never really worked out like this before. It was emotionally hard as well as physically. Certain simple exercises were frustrating. Holding weights on my left side was dangerous because I never realized when I was losing my grip. 

Whitney would stop me to re-grip and not let me give up. It wasn’t an option. I would tear up a lot, which had a lot to do with my stroke. I thought three weeks into it I wasn’t sure I could do it. I needed to tell her. Well I left that day and never had those thoughts again. My full attention was put in to place towards exercise and a lifestyle change. 

With Whitney’s guidance and her patience, I love how I feel! So strong. So empowered. In three years with her I have a true understanding of my body and how it works. The more challenging the exercise the more determined I get. I think she must stay awake at night to come up with these exercises. She introduced me to running. I do most of the classes at PNF. I’ve joined a PNF Livefit group and did the PNF 5K Pipeline challenge. The entire team, Mark, Nick, Travis, Andrew and Alison, have been so supportive. They are great at what they do!

I have put my faith in the hands of Whitney and I could not be happier. I’m up for the challenge and going to the next level. I come to PNF with a smile and I leave with a smile. My tears I have now are tears of dedication, accomplishment and pure joy. Thank you!

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