Saturday, October 6, 2018

Homecoming football game a loss against Thornton Academy

Stuart Salom
By Matt Pascarella

As coach Matt Perkins stated about Friday’s September 28th varsity football homecoming game against Thornton Academy, “It’s all about building little parts and getting better at little parts.”
It was a tough one on Friday, but Windham took to the field with intensity. The Eagles kept their heads up and did not get discouraged despite an early 9-0 lead by Thornton Academy. Early on in the first quarter, Thornton managed to make it into Windham’s end zone, scoring several more touchdowns. Windham was working hard to get some points on the scoreboard.

After a tough first quarter, Windham was not down and out. They kept at it and played to show Thornton they weren’t going to give up. Stuart Salom #21 got some reasonable yardage running for more than 10 yards. Although the score was tipped in the opposite direction, enthusiasm from the crowd and the team hadn’t diminished.

Half: 52-0, Thornton Academy

In the second half Windham hit the field still hungry, eager to turn this game around. Windham was putting in a good effort and had stepped up their defense, taking down more Thornton Academy players than in the first half. The Eagles also prevented Thornton from scoring in the third quarter. Salom again ran for more than 10 yards in the second half. Windham did not stop their efforts until the final buzzer. Although, they were unable to score, the Eagles prevented Thornton from getting any touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

“When you play a team like Thornton, the question is, ‘did we do better in certain areas?’”, remarked Coach Perkins. “They [the players] are getting there. We are getting better and you just got to keep going with that. They are playing hard and eventually, it’s going to click.”

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