Saturday, October 6, 2018

Windham boys’ soccer gets stronger every game

Ezra Smith
By Matt Pascarella

The JV and varsity boys’ soccer teams played their homecoming games against Scarborough on Thursday, September 27th.

Chandler Chenard
Windham started strong, going aggressively after the ball. They had great teamwork and communication, taking multiple shots on Scarborough’s goal. Both teams were pressuring. The Eagles had good offense and defense, keeping Scarborough from multiple goals in the first half. Windham was not slowed down by the slick field conditions.

Half 1-0, Scarborough

Windham kicked it into high gear in the second half; continuing to take shot after shot at Scarborough’s goal. Early on in the second half, Windham kept the ball away from their goal and were doing well at commanding the field. The Eagles had excellent teamwork with strong offense and defense, sometimes running circles around Scarborough’s players. They were really pressuring, working to turn this game around. Although they beat Scarborough to the ball several times, they weren’t able to score.

Final: 2-0, Scarborough

“Coming out of the second half, they had the intensity I was looking for, which put a lot more pressure on the opposing team’s defending players; we just couldn’t score,” observed Coach Mitch Hodge.

Windham took to the field with intensity, going hard after the ball with solid communication. They were pressuring and had quick feet on the slicker-than-usual field. The Eagles were taking shots on goal and had concrete defense, preventing Scarborough from getting more than one goal in the first half.
Half: 1-0, Scarborough

The Eagles came out in the second half to show they weren’t going down without a fight. They continued taking shots on Scarborough’s goal. As a team, they were working hard to score. Scarborough scored a couple goals early in the half. Windham was trying hard to get a few balls in the net, but it didn’t happen.

Final 4-0, Scarborough

“I think that we played well, and I think that we played with heart. We are a respectable team on the field, but we still have to put a full game together against [teams similar to] Scarborough. We’re not quite where I want us to be against [teams like] Scarborough,” commented Coach Wally LeBlanc.

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