Friday, May 7, 2021

Communication, teamwork produce Windham Rental softball win

Sixth-grader Evelyn Anderson bats during Windham Rental's
Little League softball game against Yarmouth on Monday,
May 3. Windham Rental recorded a 14-5 win.
By Matt Pascarella

Windham Little League’s softball team, Windham Rental, traveled to the  Yarmouth Little League Complex and took the field against Yarmouth Little League softball on Monday, May 3.  Windham played as a cohesive unit, earning a 14-5 win over Yarmouth.

Sixth-grader Kaylee Napolitano got on base in the first inning. Then seventh- graders Addison Caiazzo and Lacie Higgins walked. Napolitano scored and Caiazzo scored. Fifth-grader Eliana Kostopoulos walked and then scored, making it, 4-0, Windham Rental.

Windham Rental’s defense and pitching prevented Yarmouth from scoring until the fourth inning.

In the second inning, seventh-graders Belle Pinto and Ashley Cloutier walked. Sixth-grader Jaylee Estabrook got a base hit and Pinto scored. Sixth-grader Jaden Kennedy and fifth-grader Joey Morin both walked, and the bases were loaded. Napolitano is hit by a pitch and a run comes in. Kennedy scored. After Caiazzo walked the bases were loaded again. After a walk, Morin scored. Windham Rental was up 8-0.

Kostopoulos sent the ball way into the outfield at the top of the third and then made it to third for the triple. Soon after, Kostopoulos crossed home plate. Evelyn Anderson got a base hit and then stole home. There was a walk and Windham Rental scored again making it 11-0.

Windham’s Kostopoulos said it felt good to hit her triple and she also said they played really well as a team because they communicated.

Yarmouth scored a run in the fourth inning. Then knocked in four more runs before the end of the game.

Estabrook said she thought the team did well, 10 out of 10. She thought they did so because they worked together on the field.

“The girls are doing really well,” said Windham Rental coach Stephen Napolitano. “The key is that they all want to become better individually and they all just get along.”

He said that good pitching and the fact that the girls care about how well they do helped them achieve this win. <

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