Friday, May 28, 2021

First Team baseball falls to Thornton Academy, but shows promise for future

By Matt Pascarella

The 14-1 loss by Windham baseball’s First Team game against Thornton Academy on Friday, May 21 at Thornton Academy in Saco might have given an unknowing spectator the wrong impression about what the game was really like.

Freshman Aiden Benish catches a pop fly during
Windham baseball's First Team game against
Thornton Academy on Friday, May 21 in Saco.
That score did not reflect the effort the Eagles put forth during that game. It doesn’t reflect the improved fielding abilities of the mostly freshman first team. It also doesn’t show how good the pitching was. Regardless of outcome, this team is always improving.

Windham did get things going against Thornton Academy in the top of the first when freshman Owen Dakin rocketed the ball into the outfield for a double.

In the top of the third inning, Windham’s defense caught a Thornton Academy player in a rundown – being stuck between two bases – tagged him and got the out.

"I think we did pretty good,” said sophomore Corey Libby. “We hit the ball, we made plays; honestly, I think ... we can get better.”

Even if Windham wasn’t getting on base, the encouragement I heard from the Eagle’s bench was extremely positive. They kept it going until the very end.

In the top of the seventh and final inning, Windham put some of their skill on display when freshman Jacob Goslant got a base hit. Next, freshman Nathan Jordan did the same. Sophomore Jordan Libby got behind the ball, sent it flying and got on base. Sophomore Corey Libby followed his teammates and got a base hit. Now the bases are loaded. After a ball got by the catcher, freshman Jordan crossed home plate to put Windham on the scoreboard.

“We just got to keep coming in every day and focusing on what we did well,” said coach Noah Estey. “We keep getting better even if the score doesn’t show it.” <

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