Friday, May 24, 2024

Perkins becomes first 100-goal scorer for WHS boys' lacrosse

By Matt Pascarella

It was a big night for Windham varsity boys’ lacrosse during their home game on Friday May 17 against Camden Hills. The team raised over $2,000 for the Dempsey Center through community donations, nine seniors honored nine individual teachers in the ninth annual Teacher Appreciation Night, Windham senior Tobias Perkins was the first 100 goal-scorer in program history and the Eagles flattened Camden Hills, 15-1.

Windham senior Tobias Perkins is shown just
before scoring his 100th career goal in a boys'
lacrosse game against Camden Hills on Friday,
May 17. Perkins is the first student-athlete to
score 100 goals in the program's history. 
“I thought the team came out strong from the start,” said Windham varsity boys’ lacrosse coach Peter Small. “We have been looking to play consistently for 48 minutes and I think the strong start was indicative of that focus. The players showed a marked improvement in some skills which have been a focal point for us – from stick skills to positioning on both sides of the field. The team has developed more of a trust in each other to execute and that has helped; knowing that teammates are strong in positioning and movement both on offense and defense has led to a better flow of tempo for the game.”

Each year, boys’ lacrosse seniors reflect on their entire education and who has had a meaningful impact upon their growth and development as students, as athletes, and as citizens. In the ninth annual Teacher Appreciation Night, Beth Bubier, Erin Doran, Rae-Ann Guzman, Melissa Holmes-Perkins, Alissa James, Deb Lebel, Chris Livengood, Karen Petcher, and Wayne Rathburn were presented with a token of appreciation for all they’ve done for students and outgoing seniors.

Perkins was the first player in program history to score 100 goals in his athletic career. He scored his goal 100 just 3:30 into the first quarter.

“It’s a personal accomplishment, but it’s only made possible by my team,” said Perkins. “On paper you see that I’m the one that got the goal, but it’s only due to my teammates who made the plays to get me the ball. I care a lot more about team performance than personal performance; I was just focusing on winning, like a regular game.”

The Eagles were definitely focused on the ‘W,’ as a multitude of players scored from start to finish. Senior Blake McPherson scored early. Perkins was next, then senior Landon Buzulchuck. Junior Lukas Hammond followed, as the boys moved the ball well.

Windham defense was strong and remained so all game.

Senior Jake Lord scored one of four goals for him. Windham led 10-1 at halftime.

“It’s a lot of hard-work and teamwork throughout the entire week,” said Lord. “We just had a very long four game streak that did not go our way. During that four-game streak we started getting down on each other, but I think we’ve done a good job of pulling ourselves out of that hole. Our defense was on fire, they came out with something to prove. Teamwork was going really well for us … we all find each other at the right spot ... we worked pretty well.”

Intensity remained in the second half. Lord scored again followed by back-to-back goals from Perkins. Defense remained unbeatable.

“It is a result of the hard work he’s done,” said Small about Perkins. “He has worked his craft by picking up a bucket of balls and shooting every day, he’s gotten in the weight room ... he does everything to just improve and what it does is it’s a huge example for everybody else. The coolest thing is he has seen the results of all of his efforts. When I look at our starting midis and our starting attack, we can move the ball, and everyone uses space ... Blake McPherson gets goals because [Tobias] and [Buzulchuck] are using space ... I think that he attributes a lot to his teammates, is a testament to No. 1, our teammates but No. 2 who Tobias is.” <

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