Friday, May 31, 2024

Windham Little League’s CR Tandberg rolls by MPM Sealcoating

By Matt Pascarella

It was a beautiful night for baseball when Windham Little League’s CR Tandberg and MPM Sealcoating took to the diamond at Ciccarone Field at Lowell Farm in Windham on Tuesday, May 28. CR Tandberg got the bats going early and kept them going right until the end to earn a 16-0 win. MPM Sealcoating did a fantastic job, with great efforts and several great plays.

Windham MPM Sealcoating sixth grader Caitlyn Halladay 
makes a throw to first base during a Windham Little
League game against CR Tandberg at Ciccarone Field at
Lowell Farm in Windham on Tuesday, May 28.
“Some timely hits and we made some really great pitching,” said CR Tandberg coach Johnathan Bassett. “Charlie [Sanicola] stepped up, helped us out, did better than I anticipated. Good to see them all working together and getting better, that’s really what it’s all about. Watching guys who haven’t played at this level improve, that’s what I’m looking for. Defense needs work – understanding the game. At this level they don’t always understand situational plays and where to make plays and where to throw the ball, so were still always learning with that.”

In the first inning, CR Tandberg fifth grader Maxwell Inzerillo got things going when he singled. He quickly made his way to third base and after a hit from sixth grader Robbie Sanicola, Inzerillo crossed home plate. Sanicola stole third base after sixth grader Nolan Harvie walked. Sanicola scored on a passed ball. Fifth grader Wesson LeDuc walked and after a single from fourth grader Charlie Sanicola, LeDuc and Harvie scored.

MPM Sealcoating fourth grader Tanner Pulkkinen walked.

In the second inning, fifth grader Kainen Pouliot walked and later scored after third grader Grady Inzerillo advanced to second base after being hit by a pitch.

In the fourth inning, MPM Sealcoating’s defense was solid when a sixth grader Caitlyn Halladay made a stellar catch at second base. Two strikeouts and MPM Sealcoating made this just a three-batter inning.

Halladay said their defense was good; as they got multiple outs throughout the game, working well as a team. Halladay was focused on the ball in the fourth inning when it was hit her way; she was ready. She said batting, infield and outfield could still use a little work.

In the fifth inning, CR Tandberg led 9-0 after fifth grader C.J. Bisson and Maxwell Inzerillo singled; both runners scored. Robbie Sanicola singled. Harvie smashed a double and fifth grader Bronson Bassett singled. Robbie Sanicola scored. Leduc walked, Harvie scored. After another walk, Bassett scored. CR Tandberg knocked in four more runs.

MPM Sealcoating’s Halladay walked; Pulkkinen singled on a fly ball to center field. A fly ball to Bisson is caught and stepped on second base for a double play. Fourth grader Mason Cieslak hit a long ball to left field, but unfortunately it was caught.

“I would say teamwork led to the win,” said Bisson. “We did good communication and good hitting, and we played as a team and got the [runs needed]. Knowing when to slide and stealing still need work.”

It felt great for Bisson to get such a big win.

“All these kids are like best friends,” said MPM Sealcoating coach Aaron Cieslak. “It’s good to be able to play a team from Windham. We got our butts kicked, but that’s part of the game and the kids learned, and they got to learn how to grow from it. We pitched well ... they hit the ball; we were throwing strikes; we’ve got a bunch of pitchers that haven’t pitched a lot. Our defense needs work for sure, hitting the cutoff guy, just thinking ahead – our team’s young – they’re learning a ton and having a blast.” <

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