Friday, October 11, 2013

Windham travel soccer learns from Saint Joseph's Monks varsity team

U13 Windham travel girls’ soccer team (we call them the Windham United Sisters) hung out with the Saint Joseph’s Monks varsity women's team after a recent Saint Joseph’s win in Standish against Norwich University. 

After reaching out to the college head coach Jenelle Harris, U13 coach Scott Clinch asked the team to come train with them one afternoon. 

“Not only did coach Harris oblige, she showed up early for our practice on August 28 with her entire coaching staff (Jenelle, Caitlin Dodge and Jeff Yaeger) and entire team, so we had a crew of 30 or so from Saint Joe’s between the coaches and players to help our 30 U13 players, it was one of the best training sessions we've ever had,” said Jim Skvorak. 

“Every single one of them was smiling and happy to be there, happy to be helping kids, happy to be sharing thoughts about their favorite game. Our U13 girls loved that young ladies who play at the college level were willing to invest their time to help them, and our girls really enjoyed hearing the Saint Joe’s players tell them a little about their background in soccer, where they came from, and also what they plan on doing in the future,” he continued.

After the Saint Joseph’s team joined the Windham training session, Coach Harris invited our girls to their game vs. Norwich at Saint Joseph’s College on September 21st to watch and learn. The U13 team played a short scrimmage on the field at halftime. Saint Josephs won that game 2-0 and as of this point in the season their overall record is 9-2. For more on the Monks, visit The two Windham U13 girls teams have a combined record of 10-2 so far this season.

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