Friday, October 11, 2013

WMS Varsity football - Windham takes on Scots - By Stephanie Coffin

The stands of the Windham High School stadium were full for both sets of fans, who came to watch a good match up and a good group of kids play one of America’s ‘all time favorite past times’,  the game of football.
Bonny Eagle started the game off by receiving the ball; however they were stopped on the fourth-and-long by a fake punt when they were taken down by Windham’s Justin Labrecque. Windham took over at the 35-yard line with a pass interference on Bonnie Eagle. Quarterback Tanner Bernier threw to Hunter Coffin in a 25-yard touchdown pass out sprinting B.E’s Nick Thorne.  

Bonny Eagle returned the ball 40 yards and with two penalties called Windham allowed Bonny Eagle to move into Windham territory. Bonny Eagle ended up scoring a rushing touchdown with 3:47 left in the first quarter.  Bernier’s passed to Coffin was good for 35 yards and Nick Curtis' reception set up Henderson's 7-yard run for a touchdown.  Nick Curtis followed this up with a 2-point conversion score. Eight seconds into the second quarter Bonny Eagle scored a rushing touchdown. However, they were unable to make the conversion.

Henderson and Bernier ran the ball deep into Bonny Eagle territory before tured the ball over. Bonny Eagle pushed the ball into the end zone after several plays Bonny Eagle ended up scoring. Windham turned the ball over quickly and Bonny Eagle controlled the ball for the rest of the second quarter.

Windham's Bernier started the third quarter with an 18-yard pass to Nick Curtis putting Windham at Bonny Eagle's 35-yard line.  Bernier then threw a slant pass to Henderson for 8 yards. Next play Bernier had an 8-yard run.  At the 1-yard line Bernier performed a quarterback sneak for the touchdown.  Logan Emerson completed the 2-point conversion.  With 5:40 left in the third quarter, running back Nick Thorne continued to control the clock and move the chains by running the ball. After  three quarter the score was Bonny Eagle 28-22.

Windham players stepped up knowing they were facing a challenging opponent this week and a few players stood out.  Isiah Welsh and Kiante Smith did an outstanding job against Nick Thorne. Bernier was able to covert on a late 16-yard pass to Curtis to pull Windham within reach of a tie.  Due to injuries on Windham's side Bonny Eagle was able to control the ball and the majority of the fourth quarter and score a few more times giving them the win.

Pictures by Megan Curtis

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