Monday, January 13, 2014

The benefits of group training - By Whitney Sullivan

Another New Year has begun and you’re about to start your fitness plan again. You start with much enthusiasm, but quickly get bored. Maybe it is time to try a different approach. One that will be fun, have results and you can stick with.
 Experts agree that group training can be beneficial. Working out in a group provides support, accountability and structure. People don’t want to let their buddy or group down, which is terrific in terms of adherence to an exercise plan.

 Other benefits of group training, you’re more likely to complete a well round exercise routine and get a potentially tougher workout. If you want to push yourself a little bit more, group training can help you move past a plateau. Trainings are led by someone you can trust as an expert. The trainer also creates the environment with “rules” direction and a clear plan. Also trainings are typically more entertaining, making time pass quicker than a solo workout. Another benefit is you have to keep an appointment, making it harder to bail out. With group trainings you become part of a close-knit community that sweats, aches and achieves together. You have an opportunity to bring a workout partner and make new friends.

 Since starting our LIVEFIT and NFL (men) groups at PNF, we have had amazing results. Not only is it fun, but wonderful, healthy friendships have developed in and out of the gym. If this is the type of fitness you are looking for in 2014, start with getting a group (minimum of four) together. The next LIVEFIT starts Jan. 20 and runs for six weeks and 12 trainings, contact us for more information.

 Think of it as power in numbers, confidence in numbers, or call it a misery-loves-company thing. However you chose to look at it, just know that leaning on others for support helps pave a smooth road toward a healthier, fitter chapter in your life.

The LIVFIT Group Whitney’s Winers have lost a group total of 53 pounds, 82 inches, 48 percent body fat and gained 31 pounds of muscle.

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