Sunday, January 19, 2014

PNF Transformation - Brandy Cray

My name is Brandy Cray, and my struggle with weight started in the third grade. I remember being weighed in front of the class and the nurse announced that I weighed 99 and a half pounds. That’s the day that the snickering and name calling started along with the cycle of binging, starving, and purging. I was taunted all through my teen years, told by my family that I was just “big boned”, my big legs are genetic, and this was always followed by, “but you have a pretty face”. I remember a moment when I was 12 watching ESPN with my dad, and women’s body building was on. They were so beautiful, and I thought one day “I will do that”. 

As years went on my weight climbed, I had my daughter and gained 80 pounds, worth every pound, but that put me at 242. I went through a failed marriage and relied on food to comfort me.

In 2001 I met my husband and my life changed, he made me feel like I could do anything I set my mind to. After the birth of our son I decided to get healthy and fit. 

On my son’s third birthday I hit my 110 pound weight loss goal, but I was obsessed with working out and still did not have a healthy relationship with food. The next ten years I had different trainers and nutritionists, but my body never changed. Then my husband told me about PNF. He said I should “check it out”. He would drive by and see them working out early in the morning outside. I was skeptical because we had spent so much time and money on my quest to be fit. 

I have a lot of guilt because I would put my needs to work out and only eat a certain restaurants that catered to me. I was very nervous to walk in to PNF, but I did, and that is where I met Mark York. Mark sat with me and we went over my nutrition and my goals. Mark listened to me, and really wanted to help me develop a healthy balance with food and exercise. My results were great. I started classes and made new friends, I felt great. January of 2013, I started personal training two days a week with Mark. My body really started changing. 

In March, I told him I wanted to do a body building show. He didn’t hesitate, his words were “Let’s do it”. I will never forget that day. He did all the footwork, made a plan, and in September I did my first show. I placed fourth and lived out a childhood dream. It was an amazing day. This journey has been long and it is not over. September I will be doing two more shows, hopefully for top three. 

I could not have done this without the support of my husband, my precious kids, family, friends, Mark, and my PNF family. Step outside of the box and take a chance. My mission is to inspire and help others join me on my journey for a healthier you in 2014.

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