Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kudos to the boy's fifth grade basketball team - Letter

Dear Editor,

My husband, Damion Lindsay is the head coach of the Windham Boys 5th Grade Travel Basketball team and we were hoping for some town recognition. 

Lynn Campbell, owner of D & D’s Funzone is the assistant coach.  Both Damion and Lynn are exceptional basketball players who bring all their knowledge, skill and experience of the game to these kids.  The kids attend 2 practices a week, team dinners, supporting the Windham Varsity players by going to the games and team outings. These are some dedicated boys who deserve our support.

We have one last game this weekend and then are heading into playoffs.  We are ranked number one out of 18 teams and hope to take home the championship!

This was not an easy adventure, we have had my son, out with an unexplainable illness (not able to walk for nearly six months and hospitalized), our biggest player with a broken foot and our ambidextrous player with a broken finger, but we have come together as a team, overcome many hurdles and are going into the playoffs with all the boys healed and ready to win!  Our only loss was to Gray-New Gloucester on a 3-pointer buzzer beater and we lost by one point.

I have attached our standings and a picture of our team at one of tournaments we attended a few weeks ago. They are all 10 and 11 years old and are all in the fifth grade at Manchester School, except one who attends Jordan Small Middle School.

We are just so proud of the boys and all they have accomplished and I know it would really boost their sprits to know the town was behind them. The kids are from left bottom to right:  Brady Afthim, Connor Cummings, Dylan Gorman, Harrison Boyle, Kingston Lindsay, Sean Cunniffe, Christopher Saade, Travis Brown, Dominick Campbell, Crusher(from the Red Claws), Kaleb Cidre and coach Damion Lindsay.

Kindest regards,
Crystal Drummond

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