Saturday, February 15, 2014

PNF Transformation - By Arlene Briard

In 1997 I fell off a ladder and smashed my pelvis and left elbow. I spent one month in the hospital, another month at home in a wheelchair, and the next six months in rehab. Even with extensive therapy my muscles deteriorated, mobility was very limited and the pain constant. After four years, during which time I retired and moved to Maine, I found it extremely difficult to walk very far, climb the stairs in my house, or do any of the outdoor activities I loved. So instead of continuing to be depressed and frustrated, I decided to start an exercise program by joining the old Family Fitness. Using the machines didn’t work. I soon got bored and didn’t feel like I was making any progress, so I started with Leona Curtis. When Leona retired, I switched to Whitney Sullivan, and I’ve been with Whitney ever since. 

Whitney listened to my story, asked specifics about my injuries and goals, then started me on a simple program. Her program for me includes special attention to strengthening my injured areas as well as improving flexibility, cardio, core strength, balance and strength training. She can sense when an exercise is painful and immediately switches to a variation of the exercise. Whitney is encouraging, challenging, funny, empathetic, and never boring. Thanks to Leona and especially Whitney, I’m much stronger, have better balance, am able to run up the stairs, walk several miles a week, work on house construction at Habitat for Humanity, and participate in the outdoor activities I’ve always enjoyed. I feel really good when I can out hammer, out lift or out work my younger colleagues at Habitat! Most days I feel like I’m back in my early 60s. Thank you Whitney and PNF for keeping me so physically fit. I couldn’t have done this on my own.

Arlene Briard age 75 and Katrina Bowdish age 66 get a core workout in with Whitney Sullivan.

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